Twin Flame FAQ

Our (Short) Story

We are Eric and Beth Cole. Dropping expectations about who she would be, one day in the shower I decided to ask the Universe/Creation/Spirit Guides for my partner. Two days later Beth and I met on About 10 days later we had our first date. I asked her to marry me under a full moon on a dock on Bellingham Bay a month after our first date.  We were married on a beach on Orcas Island, WA October of 2014, 5 & 1/2 months later.

We are on the Twin Flame path Dancing, Loving, Learning, and Growing as Two who are One.

Questions & Answers on the Twin Flame Path

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What is a Twin Flame?

Your Twin Flame is like a super soul mate. Various people have different definitions of what is and isn’t a Twin Flame relationship. Some definitions are channeled through intuitive and spiritual connections. Others are drawn from interpretations of historical or religious texts. I would recommend not being at all concerned about definitions. There aren’t any rules as far as I can see.

Enjoying dinner in Portland, OR during Valentango February, 2017.

Here is how I see things. We are attempting to communicate about a very profound and unusual kind of connection we are experiencing with another person. From experience I can assure you there are multiple people with whom you can share intensely deep and profound connections. Not only can you have these connections with multiple people you can choose to open the connections.

The problem comes after opening the profoundly intense connection. Keeping the connection from destabilizing and ending in drama, pain, and disaster has been beyond my abilities. This kind of connection can spark triggers and unhealed wounds like you wouldn’t believe.

The only time I have personally seen it not ultimately end in disaster is with Beth. In fact, I was very reluctant to encourage the energetic and spiritual aspects of the connection. Yet, all the psychic and energetic traits still revealed themselves. We resonate like, well, twins. Everyday I am still stunned at least once by our connection, vibration, and resonance with each other.

The naturalness with which we connect and know each other is part of why I am willing to label us Twin Flames. We just are with no effort.

How do I find my Twin Flame?

Why you are seeking your Twin Flame? This question is key! Spend plenty of time with yourself contemplating your why. The reason I say this is the need for a Twin Flame connection can be a major distraction on your path of growth.

You don’t have to be ascended, enlightened, or perfect in every or any way. You do need to develop your self awareness and authenticity. Without which even if you found your Twin Flame you would likely experience an explosive dynamic pushing you apart.

Your Twin Flame will see everything about you at some level depending on where they are in their path of self-awareness. You have no place to hide and will feel each other for better or worse. Unless you have spent some time getting your inner work uncovered odds are your relationship will self-destruct.

If you are attempting to attract your perfect partner or Twin Flame I would suggest opening up to the powers of Creation. Trust the force of the Universe to deliver in ways you can not control. Drop your expectations. Looks, career, history, how they will come into your life, where you will find them, and on and on are not in your control. You have the responsibility to be your healthy authentic self with good boundaries. Twin Flame is not an excuse for putting up abusive relationships or behavior.